the shaman's apprentice

A scientist races to save the ancient healing knowledge of Amazon Indians from extinction.

“It is superb, compelling, definitive. I thought I was clued in to this subject. I was not. Now I am.”
E.O. Wilson, Harvard University

voice of the amazon

A chronicle of the remarkable life and untimely death of rainforest martyr, Chico Mendes.

"The Amazon conflict is a fascinating story, and a surprising amount of it has been captured here...compelling...affecting."

Amazon Journal
56 minutes

Amazon Journal chronicles the experiences of the director, Geoffrey O'Connor, in the Brazilian Amazon, where he worked as a journalist and filmmaker from 1988 to 1995.

At the Edge of Conquest: the Journey of Chief Wai-Wai
26 minutes

At the Edge of Conquest: The Journey of Chief Wai-Wai follows the Chief of the Waipi Indians from his village deep in the rain forest to the capital city of Brasilia, where he hopes to find help to protect his lands from settlers and loggers. Nominated for an Academy Award in 1993.

Contact: the Yanomami Indians of Brazil
26 minutes

Contact: The Yanomami Indians of Brazil looks at the devastating impacts of gold mining and other forms of contact on a tribe of Stone Age Indians.