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the shaman's apprentice

A scientist races to save the ancient healing knowledge of Amazon Indians from extinction.

“It is superb, compelling, definitive. I thought I was clued in to this subject. I was not. Now I am.”
E.O. Wilson, Harvard University


my father's garden

An engrossing documentary on the use and misuse of technology on the American farm.

“This is a powerful testament to the destructive legacy of chemical farming in America…astonishing emotional resonance.”
Lisanne Skyler, Sundance


voice of the amazon

A chronicle of the remarkable life and untimely death of rainforest martyr, Chico Mendes.

"The Amazon conflict is a fascinating story, and a surprising amount of it has been captured here...compelling...affecting."


canary of the ocean

A heartbreaking yet beguiling story of the magical coral reefs of Florida.

“A poetic masterpiece as beautiful, complex, and fascinating as the coral it depicts.”
R. Ray, Video Librarian


wilderness: the last stand

A powerful investigation into the management of America’s last virgin forests.

“This film will not only educate but also incite.”
Sierra Magazine


cowboys claim

The last of Florida's cowboys live the ranching life in the shadow of Disney World.

"Pacing, excellent photography, and a uniquely Floridian feel make this a positive and significant film."
Alan Kaye, Library Journal